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Family Law AdviceSuccess Stories
Nicky Welcome to our 'Success Stories' page. The Board of Directors are very proud of our dedicated team of Consultants. Also, it cannot go without saying that we are proud to have such supportive and focussed clients, who have worked as a team with us to achieve the best results we can, sometimes under the most difficult of circumstances. We are very pleased to say that we are becoming a well known and trusted brand. Thank you, everyone. We hope you enjoy the read.

(Comment by Director, Nicola Matheson-Durrant, BA (Hons) Law)
Hi Nicola,

My family and I would like to say thank you for all your very professional/personal service and support that The Family Law Clinic Ltd has provided us with. You offered us a friendly, relaxed, calming environment which permitted the flow of thought to provide the words that were pertinent to my situation and thus we achieved what we se out to do, which was to get a positive result in our favour and bring a long drawn out case to an impressive end.

I will highly recommend your services to any and all who are in need of any legal advice.

Thanking you again for all your support.

(Mr & Mrs Whispering Shannon Newbigging )


Thank you to the family law clinic for giving me such great advice and help to keep my children living near me instead of moving to Wales. I will be able to see my children grow up instead of being separated from them.

(PW, Divorce, Children April 2013, Herts)
When I was looking on Google for cheap divorce help, I found that £60 was the cheapest, and that the Family Law Clinic was really quick with sending me the papers. You just fill in the information, pay online, and you get what you need to send to the court. Thank you very much. I recommend you!

(Mr GE, Stanstead, March 2013)
Dear reader. If ever you want a warm friendly cheaper service, not a stuffy cold solicitor, which I have used before, then you should choose the family Law Clinic. You get coffee and tissues! And a warm smiling advisor. Well done Nicky for being there for us.

(Ms L, Sussex, Feb 13.)
...may I thank you once again for all the help and advice that has been given to me throughout this divorce proceedings. Without your help and guidance, I'm sure that I would have been turned over by her solicitor. I know that it has cost me half my pensions, but at least it is finally over with. Once again many thanks and I hope that you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. Kind regards,

(PH, Consent Order, Dec 2012, Berkshire)
Hi Nicky Just a quick note to say Thank you for your support and expertise
yesterday, no-way I could have done that without you........

(AM, Variation of Children Act Order, Dec 2012, Berkshire)

Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of using the services of the Family Law Clinic and in particular Mrs. N. Matheson-Durrant, in the matters of contact issues for my children and the financial resolution for my divorce.

It has been my experience that I have for the most part been able to get hold of Mrs. Matheson-Durrant either straight away by phone, and when not, via e-mail and have received a response the same day.

This I have found to be a great comfort when dealing with such sensitive issues. It is also greatly encouraging to have somebody who understands these matters and is able to provide compassionate advice and who is clearly on your side.

The Family Law Clinic is able to provide a level of support and assistance to suit both your needs and budget where no legal representation in court is required.

(NB, Divorce, Children, Financial matters, McKenzie Friend, 2011-2012, Berkshire)
I would like to thank the Family Law Clinic personally as they have been an invaluable source of information. As a father I have been able to communicate with Nicola who has shown a very sympathetic approach towards my emotions and the fact that I now am unable to see my children on daily basis.

The Family Law Clinic is non-judgemental and gives very fair and invaluable information about parental rights. I have spoken to several organisations who I felt were only after the money, but this clinic is very unique that it has the best interest at heart for children who have innocently been taken away by one of the partners.

I would strongly advise that this clinic is approached in the first instance if there are family problems, especially with children as they have strong morals and are able to advise and guide confused partners.

Kind Regards, NS. (Expat Dad in Gulf, Children matters, Nov 2012)
I must first thank Nicky for all her help with my long drawn out case. Anyway it started about 18 months ago and has finally come to a close with me getting a court order forcing the sale of a house we shared, with a 50/50 split.

Nicky was very understanding and gave me some very encourageable advice along the way. She attended every court hearing with me and was good support all the way through, i tried to keep the costs down and with the support of Nicky i manged to do a fair bit of the work myself, with her checking before it was submitted to the courts etc. i would'nt even like to guess how much this would have cost with one of your high street solictors. But im sure i have saved a considerable amount. I would not hesistate to use the FLC again.

Thanks again Nicky for all your hard work and dedication you gave my case.

Regards, DH, (TOLATA 1996, claimant , Nov 2012)
. . . I am pleased to say I have finally got a court approved and sealed consent order – hurray! It arrived on my door step on Saturday so was a great start to my weekend....... Thanks for all your support and help in getting this sorted – it's been a long journey but got finally I got there....Thanks again for everything and hopefully this is the last you will hear from me.

 ...I would like to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude for all of your help and advice you have given over the last few months. Regards,

 ...Pls accept my gratitude for all of the support and good work that the family law clinic did for me during my separation and divorce.

It was extremely helpful having clear explanations and help in court and not having to pay too much.

JH, Divorce/Financials, Berkshire, June 2012 PH, London, Separation, October 2012 RN, Divorce, Children, McKenzie Friend, Herts. 2011-2012
I was in the process of going through a divorce and saw a banner in Ascot advertising the Family Law Clinic. I contacted them and spoke to a lady called Nicola. I made an appointment and found that the legal advice I received was invaluable. Nicola made me feel very comfortable as she explained what I should do and how I should do it. Within the year, the divorce was finalised. I found Nicola to be very calming in her manner but came across in a very professional manner.

Using Nicola and the FLC, it saved me a lot of financial worry as their fees were much more affordable than the high street solicitors and with the appointments being in her home it made it more comfortable for me. The legal help that I received was exceptional and I can't thank Nicola enough for all the advice and help the she has given me. It has made what should have been a stressful time, a lot less stressful.

So good was the services that I received, that I have alreadyrecommended a few friends to use the FLC services.

PH, Bracknell. (Divorce & Financial Matters, McKenzie Friend, 2010-2012)
Nikki was fantastic as my McKenzie Friend. She approached my situation with practical tactics/strategies and her knowledge of the family law process was better than the high priced solicitors I had used in the past.

I highly recommed anyone to Nikki.

(MA, UK/USA, Children Act, May 2012)
Over the years you have really helped me, and without your help I would probably have ....... the ex! So, I recommended you to my colleague whose daughter needed help, saying you were the best person to see, and when he had the one hour consultation with you, he said he learned more in that one hour than he had ever been told about the law ever before. I always recommend you.

(PH, Berkshire, Divorce, Consent Order, May 2012)
I would like to thank you very much for getting me a settlement of £31,000 from an insurance claim which was largely being ignored until you assisted me and got the attention of the insurance company after 2 years , who paid up.

(Mrs SJ, S. London) May 2012
When my friend died and his child was deprived of a father and there was no Will, you kindly put us straight and in the right direction, and it has been really really helpful having help from your business as well as a Solicitor and Barrister for all of the other matters. I am going to make sure I recommend you.

(Ms LJ, Administration, Children Act, N. London) April 2012
I was so grateful for your input………. We didn't realize that there were McKenzie Friends who could help at court, and assist me and my husband come to an agreement without having to both have a Barrister, thank you so much.

(Mrs Lin B, Salsibury) March 2012
Thank you for your help, we were very pleased with……..the draft Consent Order you helped us with.

(Mr TR, Swindon, Children Act) February 2012
..... DJT decided to grant me what had been requested, and that was that.  For the rest of the day I was walking on air.
My everlasting thanks to yourself for your support ........ What you did do was put me into a position of confidence which influenced my conversations with Mr .... prior to going into the courtroom, and allowed me to be prepared to defend my case.  DJT was completely just, and provided me with all the support I needed against an over-demanding and disrespectful ex-wife, and her bombastic solicitor. Disrespectful of the courts, of court directions, and a discovered perjuror.  Nicki, you are great, a marvellous friend and source of tireless support, Hugs.....

January 2012, Mrs S, SE London
I am very pleased with the advice and services provided by the Family Law Clinic during the past 2 months. It cost me far less than a thousand pounds too.

After 21 years of cohabiting, a Deed of Separation was drafted by the FLC, and after a couple of weeks of negotiating terms and conditions, my ex has now vacated the property for good, along with a fair settlement, and I can now live on my own with my children, in peace and quiet.

Mr B, Middx.  Shared Residence order,Jan 2012

(December 2011)

This year the Family Law Clinic McKenzie Friends successfully assisted two clients (mothers) to be granted 'leave to remove' their children from the UK jurisdiction and to live abroad permanently. The most high profile is the case of Re. W (children) [2011] EWCA Civ 345 in The High Court of Justice (Civil Division), on appeal from Exeter County Court. The most recent is the case of Re. S (a child) in the Principal Registry of the Family Division, on 16 December, yet to be published.

Hi My Name is Carol..... Nicky did so much for me when I got divorced ... She came to court with me came to see me at home - I cried on her shoulder a good few times .. But she said Carol you will get there be strong.. You see this was a divorce that was a bit different .. Got a phone call from the police saying my Husband of 27 years had Murdered a man  .. Then 3days later a call saying he had been leading a double life with a woman for nearly 10 years ... And no I did not have a clue ... So that was it he was going to do 15 years minimum and I was going for the house.. Well he had one for 15 years a big one !!!! I can joke now but I could not then  but it gets better I promise you just let Nicky do her thing she knows what shes talking about... So in came Nicky.. She told me right from the start I had a good case but you just cant see it when your so up set. She was with me every step of the way and it did not cost as much as I thought it would. She sorted out my ANCILLARY RELIEF AND MY DIVORCE.... AND THE BEST PART I GOT 90% .. Then the bugger Appealed and Nicky said don't worry you have a very good case you will be fine .. And she was so right he lost and I got to keep my 90% ....I'm now happy I have a nice house Mortgage free ... Divorce is never good we don't get married to get Divorced but it happens ..... But with the help of Nicky she took a lot off my Shoulders and told me she would do the worrying so  didn't have to ...I'm glad I went to Nicky instead of some big Divorce Lawyer because I don't think I would be Mortgage free now as they charge so much.
Hi Robert, I promised to let you know how things went at Court last week, well I won!
I know that's not supposed to happen in Family Court but it did. I have sole residency of (child). The Judge wholly accepted the proposal outlined in my second statement for changes to the contact arrangements to be implemented at various stages over the next few months. I didn't have to concede anything.
. . . . . . Once again, thank you for your help - the practice in answering questions was invaluable and gave me confidence on the day.
(J, Children Act application, Final Hearing, July 2011)

Nicky, I have pulled together the papers, thank you from the heart for your dedicated support. If I ever get married again (don't hold your breath!) you are definitely invited. Wishing you a successful week. . .
(Mr. B, South East, Children Act Matters, 2011)

Nicky, Thank you so much for what you have done for me. You have been very supportive and fantastically helpful and a real pleasure knowing you.....dont forget that meal on me....

(Mr L, Surrey, Divorce & Ancillary Relief Proceedings, May 2011)

Hi Nicky, Thanks a lot for all your help and support…….You got a lot of praise from the (other side's) Barrister. He was very surprised that you did so well! He asked me how I found out about you…..I told him that you not only gave me the legal advise that I needed but also support. Support , and no formality was something that I would not have got from solicitors. He said that you did really well….

(Mrs. L, South-East England, Divorce & Ancillary Relief Proceedings, April 2011.)
Hi N, Thanks a bunch for your support & advice at court. It was great meeting you and
talking with you. You are such a down to earth person, such a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for FLC, you guys are doing a fantastic job. I am now a Disciple of FLC and will spread the good news of your work. FANTASTIC! You will be getting an invite for a good eat up soon.'

(DM, London, March 2011, TOLATA 1996, Trial)
Nicky . . Can't thank you enough for your help and advice, Brian' (Divorce, Berkshire, March 2011).
The Family Law Clinic provided me with informed and reliable advice and assistance. I live in the Middle East. My son's mother had stopped all contact with my young son who lives in England. I was very impressed with the FLC's work, because within a couple of months of lodging my application for contact, and without having either a Solicitor or Barrister to represent me, nor being burdened by their costs, I succeeded in obtaining a great Contact Order, and now I can look forward to building a close relationship with my son.'
(Mr. B, Children Act proceedings, England, February 2011)
I have recently been through a divorce and decided to use Family Law Clinic as my advisor. The lawyer I was dealing with was very friendly yet had a professional attitude with excellent advice which lead to a better than expected outcome for myself. The costs were kept low and affordable as the price structure is extremely competitive. Thanks to Family Law Clinic for a painless divorce."

(Mr. M, Divorce & Ancillary Relief Proceedings, London, Dec. 2010)

I continue to be very grateful for all your assistance with the divorce proceedings.
You have been an invaluable advisor.

(DB, London, Sept. 10. Divorce, Children, Ancillary Relief proceedings)

Hi Nicky, Firstly thank you so much for your advice, it was invaluable. As you know we obtained a prohibited steps order yesterday. As agreed with ......, we would like you to attend court next ..........., August. The hearing is at ............"

(Mr. NB, Berkshire, Aug. 2009, Divorce/Children matters)
What I like about the Family Law Clinic is that you work collaboratively as a team; you can have some straight talking dialogue, agree a strategy together and then if you choose, you can execute the actions yourself with approval from the Clinic. This means the cost of the advice is more favourable because you've carried out a lot of the work yourself under their guidance. It also makes you feel more in control of the situation – you are not left trying to understand lots of 'legalese', and you have a friendly face or voice to turn to for advice and interpretation.

(Sept. 2010, GM, South-East England; Successful application to vary downwards the maintenance element of a divorce court order)

16 July at 12:22 Report Hello Nicky, my name is Silvano and I host a talk show on KISS FM, every Friday at 7pm. It has become quite popular with English speaking audiences and I was wondering if you would be interested in appearing on it and let me interview you. You can listen to this week's show through the link below and will have an idea of the type of show it is. . Looking forward to your answer.

Hi Nicky, Glad you liked them [bouquet of flowers} and thanks for your help,i have just brought a 2 bed flat come house has 3 floors and big,needs updating but have time on my side lol.I am off to France tomorrow with 3 mates fishing so will raise a glass or 2 or 3 or 4. Hope you and family are all well and hope i never see you again lol lol lol in a nice way,take care and tell husband to support a proper team . Paul

(South-East England, July 2010, Divorce, Ancillary Relief proceedings)
The Family Law Clinic Ltd were recently ranked in the final top 10 in the South of England and in the overall final top 100 in the whole country, and this is what the competition organisers wrote and said to us:

"Dear Ms. Matheson-Durrant, Many thanks for your submission to the Barclays Business Take One Small Step Competition. We've had an overwhelming response to the competition with over 3600 entries. You've done fantastically well to make it to the final 100 across the UK, it really is an outstanding achievement.

Whilst you were a really strong candidate unfortunately you have not been successful in making it through the Judges and into the next round of the competition. We'd like to thank you for taking the time to enter the competition, and wish you the best of luck for the future with your business venture.

Kind Regards, The Barclays Business Take One Small Step Team."

The whole divorce process, and especially the courts attitude and that of my solicitor (all solicitors in fact) - who built my case on what she decided the outcome would be rather than go for my best interests and let the judge decide - has left me feeling very bitter, angry and resentful. I effectively came away with absolutely nothing. Quite the contrary; it cost me dearly. Even if I sold the house, the money it made wouldn't come close to what its actually cost me....The whole system stinks......"

(Ian from Birmingham,2010, represented by Solicitors in 2008)

Dear Tim, Many thanks for getting back most of our rental deposit so swiftly, which we had been trying to recover for eighteen months. I understand the landlord might even have some work for you now due to the firm but fair way you handled the matter. K.Attwood."

(December 09, SW England)

Dear Nicky, I had to write to you to say how much I appreciated your help and guidance in relation to my grandson who was removed from my care due to an argument that occurred between myself and his mum. Social Services had been involved since before he was born due to his mums drug misuse. He is now 2 3/4 years old, and thankfully back in my care. I was so glad I saw your advert in the Yellow Pages and called you because you gave me courage and guidance to argue my point. When I first came to your home I immediately felt comfortable and felt that I had known you for a long time. I am glad that I didn't 'qualify' for public funding as I don think that anyone could have done better than you. Although I have an interim residency order that will remain until a final hearing in August, I know that I can call you for help. I will always recommend you to others and I'm glad to be able to say we are friends. Thank you so much Nicky. All the Best. S x

(SH, South-East England, April 2010)

Dealing with lawyers is a dread. They are normally faceless and no humour. I found you a nice person to deal with and you helped me get through the day and thank you. I have (my son back) and he is getting better. I can get (£…) in benefits to help with bills. I found you very understanding and approachable – and good understanding, and good value for money.

(DC, Surrey, 2009/2010 Children Act/domestic violence/criminal damage)
To whom it may concern: Obtaining fully funded NHS Continuing Care. The Family Law Clinic advised and guided through this minefield – in particular, Nicola Matheson-Durrant. She was incredibly supportive. Without her help, I am sure that we would not have the successful outcome we had. I can thoroughly recommend her. Richard Oake.

(January 2010, SE England)

Dear Tim,
Just to let you know we had a very good meeting with the team manager in the social work department, if only we had met him before. He almost said word for word what your letter had said and we didn't tell him at first
that we had taken advice. Your letter was very helpful and with this chap as well we think we
finally have answers and can cope with the future. We thought we would let you know about our meeting and that we all now feel more positive.
Thanks Again Love, D and P

(Nov. 09, North of England)
I would like to say how extremely pleased I am that I had advice and help from the Family Law Clinic at Court through my divorce and ancillary relief proceedings. The out- of- court settlement was very fair to both parties even though our split-up was very acrimonious, and what I paid out for the FLC was very very reasonable, but this is thanks mostly to the FLC's attention to detail and their professional approach to everything. Even the District Judge complemented my FLC McKenzie Friend! Thank you.

P.P, Surrey (Nov. 09)

FLC helped me a lot to prepare excellent statements and gave good suggestions on what needs to be presented in the court and most importantly what court would like to hear from me regarding my case. It has been a long struggle but at the end always truth never dies. I thank Nicky and Caren for their valuable support and guidance.

(Mr. MR, Oxon, July 2009, Children/Immigration matter)
For Tim:
It was so nice at last to find someone who understood the problems I had over the years in trying to see my children and who actually helped ".

(CH, Dorset, July 2009)

I know we still have a long way to go but thank you for your valuable help so far .

S". (July 2009, Dorset)

I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did for me with my separation from……….. I now have the money and I am hoping to move into mine and the children's new home this week………..………….it will be so good to be able to finally sleep at night in my new home and have that weight lifted. Thanks for everything Nicky, I truly appreciate everything you've done for me and I can't thank you enough. Very kindest regards to you all…

(Mrs. H, Berkshire, July 2009)
T his is brill.!....K...".
(July 2009, Dorset)

Tim, thank you for advice and help today and your patience. My blood pressure will benefit hugely! Have a good weekend. Kind regards, D.

(July 2009, Somerset)

... I did meet with Judith, and that her help and guidance on certain parts of my case, in particular setting out forms to be lodged with the court, was of great help. I would say that for anybody deeply involved in representing themselves, but needing a little redirection, your service would be most valuable. Regards

PJ (NW England, April 09)
Hi Nicky.... I would just like to say that, i cant thank you enough for the reassurance and positivity that i feel, after seeking your advice on this matter. I will definitely recommend your services to everybody, its refreshing to have such friendly and extremely speedy advice when you need it most. Thank you so so much for you help. Kerrie

(Surrey, Mar 09)

Hi Nicky, Really sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but I wanted to write to you to thank you for your help in my divorce. It all went through OK and I now have the Decree Absolute, rest assured should I know of anyone seeking legal advice I will have no hesitation in pointing them your way. Many thanks, [TH]

Bucks, Mar 2009
Nicky, just wanted to say thank you so very much for your recent advice and the Professional manner in which it was conducted. I wish you and the team well, and I will not hesitate to recommend your services. Kind Regards, Anne Heath,

Berkshire, March 2009

I really just could not say "Thank you very much". That just sounds so feeble. I could not have survived the past few months on my own, I certainly doubt if I could have achieved the result that we did just working on my own. Nicky I have to say that it was not just all the form filling-in, the letters, the phone calls etc. It was not event the time when I was taken ill in your office, you phoned for an ambulance, organized the completion of the form we were working and then had it typed up; it was not even your pricing which, to say the least, is very competitive. More than all that was the fact that I knew YOU WERE THERE! That meant an awful lot to me Nicky, more that I can say. You more than anyone else know what a difficult time I have had over the last couple of months or so which is why just "Thank You" sounds so feeble.
God Bless You Nicky. Keep up the good work, Peter.

(Divorce & Ancillary Relief Proceedings, 2008)

..........No doubt your suggestion to pay the rest of the cover for the car -in one go until next June- must have been a major factor to sponsor that decision. I thought i must let you know and want to thank you for your quick and very good advice. Thanks again and speak to you soon.'

Mrs. G. February 2009 (Separation)
........It is good to hear of your successes in opening more Law Clinics.

it is such a good service to be able get help and to talk to someone without it costing so much. I wish you every success.'

Mrs. C. February 2009 (Ancillary Relief)

I really hope all is well with you and your business.

I cannot explain what a great support you have been to me in the last 18 months and I am very grateful to you.'
ES, Surrey

(Divorce/Ancillary Relief proceedings, Dec. 08)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter [Hertfordshire] for all his help and support at court. I'm still getting to grips with the judges decisions, however I would not have been able to have put such a good case across without Peter.'

KT, Middlesex,(Contact/Residence proceedings Jan 09)

I am writing to thank you for all your hard work and effort that you have put in to helping me with my case. After 5 hours of negotiating we finally managed to walk away with an agreement between us……………..None of this would have been possible without the brilliant and professional background work you had completed for me and which formed the agreement that we eventually agreed on. Thank you very much for everything you have done and hopefully i won't have to use you again as it should run OK but if i do i won't hesitate to contact you.
Thanks again

(Contact matter,Court/Cafcass, Oct. 2008)
Hi Nicky I would also like to thank you because the statement that you produced was excellent. . . Sincere thanks once again! D

(Oct. 2008)

..Thank you for all your advice on my divorce pretty good outcome, least now I hopefully can be mortgage free with the 65% down payment on my next home!! Thanks again all the best to you...." TG,

(re. Ancillary Relief proceedings) London, 2008

I commend the Family Law Clinic for preparing my Separation Agreement so thoroughly. The solicitors for my wife were happy with it and now we can live our separate lives until one of has wants to divorce. Thank you.

Angus S, Liverpool. 2008

When I first heard about the Family Law Clinic it was by seeing their website. I live abroad and cannot come to England as I am really busy. I needed to have a Power of Attorney. There was no problem having the work done by Nicky, and everything is now in place. Good work. Well done.

Gordon, Manchester, 2008
The service provided was very friendly and approachable. I was instantly put at ease as the McKenzie friend went through my documentation talking me through it and told me what I should expect at court.

At the hearing it was very reassuring to know that I wasn't alone and each bit of the process was explained to me providing me with invaluable guidance on how to approach each situation. This provided me with confidence and a better understanding of the process.

Couldn't have done it without them and at half the cost of a solicitor!

Mr. F.N. (re. Judicial Separation, Ancillary Relief), London, 2008

By using the Family Law Clinic, I have saved thousands of pounds getting my divorce, and I didn't have to go near a court. Only thing is, I had to travel down from Northants. to find the only legal advice centre near us to get the low cost service. I thoroughly recommend you. You are excellent, thank you.

Sarah L. Northants. 2008

When we all arrived at Court for the First Directions Appointment, and I looked at my husband's Solicitor's bill, it already came to just under £5000. My bill with the Family Law Clinic up to that point was under £600! I hope this will encourage anyone with sense not to use a solicitor! Thanks,

Jennie, Birmingham.' 2008
I would like to say how refreshing it was to use such a great legal service to help me make a claim against my partner (cohabitant), when I left the home I had lived in with him for 15 years. Being unmarried my rights were not the same, which I knew, but I actually didn't realise I had real rights. I do under the trusts law. I had helped pay the mortgage for 8 years, and then paid for the most of the extension to be build, but hadn't kept the bills. Anyway, we settled out of court, thanks to the approach of the Family Law Clinic, who actually drafted out the financial agreement with my ex-partner's solicitor. My ex-partner had to pay their own Solicitor's legal fees of £8,000. My fees were less than one quarter of that! !Well done.

Steve, Croydon. 2008
Basically two months ago I was in a desperate situation. My wife was suing me for divorce. She wanted the children, the house, everything and she wanted me to pay for it. I couldn't afford to pay for solicitors anymore. I had spent close to £6000 and I was no clearer in understanding what was going on. Each time I contacted them it cost and it wasn't cheap so I just hoped they knew what they was doing. The solicitors had then predicted the cost of further representation would be another £15000 and refused to work for me until they had received more money. I just couldn't afford it. I had no choice but to dismiss them.

A further major obstacle my solicitors refusal to pass me the paperwork so I could continue to work on my case. They wanted payment in full. It was by chance that I stumbled across The Family Law Clinic. They offered advice on how to represent yourself in court (litigant-in-person) and gave me immediately help by explaining what is needed by the court and also on how to prepare and present papers for court submission. The courts themselves were very helpful and though unable to offer legal advice there were many leaflets outlining procedures. I had two sessions with The Family Law Clinic and it was at an expense I could afford. On each occasion I came away with increased confidence and a clearer understanding on what I had to do. I found the advice invaluable clear and straightforward. It also made me aware of the different choices I had. I quickly came to the conclusion I had wasted £6000 in solicitors fee's and now I was getting proper advice and not shrouded 'legal complexities' In the end, with barely 2 months preparation I went to court. My sister acted as a McKenzie Friend. Being a qualified school teacher and former reporter she was invaluable in taking notes and offering advice. So much so the judge complimented her and said as a 'Friend' she acted impeccably. The result after the two day hearing? I achieved a 50/50 residency status with my children. Which means I have them guaranteed for 50% of the time. Though I must leave the matrimonial home I retain a 30% stake in the net profit when it is sold. My wife now has to pay all the bills relating to the house(including the mortgage). I do not have to pay maintenance for the children I do not have to pay maintenance for my wife More importantly I did not have to pay costs. (my wife now faces a bill in excess of £20,000) I wouldn't suppose for one moment the Family Law Clinic is right for everyone but it certainly is an alternative to extremely expensive non-caring solicitors.

Regards Andy' 2008

To any one who does not know which way to turn:
I was in a lesbian relationship with a adopted child for 10 years, and like many relationships it broke down. I contacted the family law clinic in desperate hope for some legal advice and understanding for my situation.

Nicky was my rock and was totally honest and at all times never judgemental. My feelings were like any other human being ..that roller coaster which you really want to get off. However the only thing that kept me on that horrible ride was knowing that Nicky was sitting next to me the whole time. My ex partner had a very horrible nasty total bully Solicitor, but our Nicky fought her in all the steps of the legal ways,and she has never let me down.

I would like to encourage any human being whether straight, gay ,married or living together if you know you have reached the end of your relationship and need legal support and honest advice for you to move on with you life please contact the family law clinic.. Its only a phone call.. Yours truly

Miss Louise O'Sullivan. 2008

Many thanks for your email and I write to advise that I received the registered Power of Attorney a couple of weeks ago. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services which I found to be very efficient and painless!! It was a pleasure dealing with such a friendly, down to earth company in which I felt relaxed, yet confident. Should I need further help in Family Law I will have every confidence coming to you and have already recommended you to friends. Kind regards and thanks

LW, Surrey, 2007
I contact the Family Law Clinic in December, 2006 after consulting a solicitor and being advised that a basic divorce would cost me a minimum of £3000 but as I was also dealing with a pension sharing order this could increase by as much as a further £3000 and that was before VAT.

Knowing that I would not be able to afford this I looked for alternative ways in dealing with a divorce. I searched the web and the Family Law website came up. It advertised cheap fixed rates for divorces and an hourly rate which put solicitors to shame for all other situations. I contacted them and they offered me an appointment within a few days. Nicola (my advisor) gave me information as to how the divorce could proceed and then left it to me to decide whether to take up their services, I felt no pressure which was different from when I visited the solicitor who tried to get me to sign up straight away.

I took up the divorce package and Nicola put the wheels into action. She was always on hand with information and legal advise to keep things in check and the divorce went through without a hitch. The pension sharing order, having to deal with the British Army and all their bureaucracy took longer. Nicola was always ready with legal back up to any argument my ex-husbands solicitor came up with, who felt that I would be a push over as I was a litigant in person, and kept me feeling as though I was on an even keel with them. I ended up having to take it all the way to final hearing and do feel that had I not had the support of Nicola and the Family Law Clinic I would have given up several months before it reached this stage.

I came out of the final hearing with exactly what I had asked for, and it cost me only just over 10% of what my ex-husband had to pay for his legal fees. I cannot thank Nicola enough for all her help and would recommend her service to anybody.

Tara – from Aldershot

I first approached the Family Law Clinic in April 2007, Nicky helped me legal matters surrounding an application for residence of my children. She was incredibly helpful and advised me through the mass of legal "red tape", affidavit preparation and as a Mackenzie friend at Court. Her advice is sound, to the point and with no dilly dallying around. In August 2007I secured a change of residence for my children and now they are living with me. Nicky has been key in this process. I can recommend her assistance to anyone who needs quality legal advice at really affordable rates. Signed

John K, Manchester, 2007
One of my friends who had used the service recommended the Family Law Clinic, because of the fair price and friendly people who run it. I am partly disabled and have a difficult time writing, but Nicola helped to fill in all of the proper forms and write letters during the divorce. Luckily we agreed the finances without having a final hearing, and most of the stress which I have felt during the years and the separation have reduced. I strongly recommend Nicky. Thank you very much for your patience."

GT, SE London, 2007

I found the Family Law Clinic on the internet. I am single mum with one child. I work full time. My child's dad decided to stop paying any maintenance years ago. We have always rented.

Nicky filled in the application forms and we went to court 3 times, until finally the judge awarded me a lump sum of money so I could buy a flat. Thank you Nicky."

LU, London, 2007
Thank you for all of the help enabling me to get a divorce without having to fight in Court.

Mrs. H, Birmingham, 2007

Just as I was at my wits end, I found the yellow pages advert for the family law clinic, and couldn't believe my luck. It all ended very well all things considered, and the court decision was great. Thanks again, and Wow what a gal you are Nicky."

PL, Wilts, 2007.

This is just a short e-mail to thank you for all your help and advice you have provided me in relation to contact with my children and ex-husband. I wish I had known about your services before having worked alongside several law firms during my acrimonious divorce, as I later learned that this was how solicitors could justify their high fees. It is also refreshing to learn that you are able to receive the same professional advice without the pain of receiving costly bills. The Family Law Clinic have been professional and more importantly their advice has been extremely useful and valuable. I will be continuing to use your services. Thank you again!

JK, London, 2007
In the beginning i had no intention of seeking any legal advice to help with my separation. But then when my ex went and found a solicitor I felt that it would make good sense to find out exactly where i stood. Since i spoke to Nicky her assistance has been nothing less than professional. She provided me with advice on how to deal with my ex and her solicitor and helped work out what would be a reasonable settlement between us both. Thanks to Nicky a situation is well on its way to being resolved, when without her assistance it would no doubt gotten out of hand." signed

OA. Dorset 2007

I was very impressed by your knowledge of the law and the legal process, and by your professional, calm approach and negotiating skills. Your whole attitude and approach ensured we avoided Court during my divorce, and all financial matters and children issues were resolved by you - even though the Solicitor for the other side wanted this to be a Court fight. Best of all, your hard work and directness ensured that the whole divorce was resolved in 6 months, and you negotiated down the other Solicitors' costs by 30%. Thank you. I will recommend you highly.

GR, Berkshire, 2007
Nicky was most helpful by supplying me with the legal framework which helped me to negotiate the financial settlement with my almost ex-wife. Regards.

David (Surrey, 2007)

The service I received with my Will was very painless and your support in helping me create it was considerate and thoughtful. I would have done it years ago if I knew how easy it was going to be.Best wishes,

Gilly (Berkshire, 2007)

I contacted Divorce zone shortly after I separated from my wife to obtain assistance with all aspects of my break up as time went by. Around Christmas time my wife refused to let me see our two children aged 2 and 5, and also decided that she would use the children access as her only method of punishing me for leaving. This was devastating for me and I did not want to get legal people or police involved as I did not want to risk upsetting my children in any way. I contated Nikki for advice and Nikki sent a communication to my wife with my agreement around my rights as a father. This of course went down very badly with my wife but as a result of this letter I have now had my children stay with me for 11 weekends on the trot and its set to continue.

SA. London,2007
Nicky's approach to my marital problems were like a breath of fresh air. I immediately dismissed my mostly unhelpful and expensive solicitors, and received no nonsense, inexpensive and excellent legal advice and constant support from Nicky.

I am still embroiled with the delicate issue of contact and shared residence of my children, as well as the complex matter of financial settlement, but am highly confident that with Nicky's continued support and advice, satisfactory outcomes and results will be achieved. I cannot thank you enough, Nicky, you give me constant hope that things will be alright in the end.

DW ( Berkshire)

I've found Nicky incredibly helpful in any legal matters, be it in Court or in written format. She's currently helping battle my ex-partner with the Contact between me & my daughters. I seem to be getting somewhere & will not hesitate in recommending her assistance to anyone else in this predicament. She is great.

Paul S, Hertfordshire, 2007
I asked the Family Law Clinic to write a Will for me. The whole process was straightforward, though very detailed, but my Will says exactly what I want it to say. I understood the legal advice I got from Nicola, and the price was very competitive. My children will definitely inherit from me now, and not my husband. Highly recommended.

RB, Midlands,2007

I found the Family Law Clinic in the Yellow Pages, and although I already had a Solicitor working for me, I gave them notice as they were too expensive and slow. Through Nicky, we didn't have to fight in Court at all, and we managed to negotiate a good settlement at very low cost, and I now have a Consent Order which is very fair to me and I see my children as often as I want to.

GR Hampshire, 2007
After having paid my former divorce Solicitors thousands of pounds during the last year about a financial settlement, I got rid of them and became a litigant in person. Nicola and spent four hours in one week working on the wording of the complicated Application I wanted to make, and I persuaded the judge to grant it in my favour. Nicola cost £340 in total. Good in difficult situations.

S W, S. London, 2007

I was advised and supported in Court by Nicky, who was my McKenzie Friend. The judge was extremely welcoming and the application I had made under The Children Act was granted to me, and now the children are more settled in how often they see their dad. Had it not been for Nicky supporting me and helping me understand how the courts work, I never would have gone to court, and the problems which I was having would have carried on.

LP, Slough
I commend you for the professionalism in the most emotive of situations. It was not only comforting that one could afford your services, it was an added comfort that you always had the time to discuss issues and look at them from both a legal and practical perspective.

I do not envy your job, helping couples to separate, but I am happy that your advice has made it as smooth as could be possible. Bless you.

Mr. Kr Bambo, Berkshire, 2006

It was a pleasure having Nicky guide me through our annulment of marriage. Her expert advice made me feel at ease with the daunting procedures, and her relaxed, friendly approach was comforting during difficult times.
I will always recommend Nicky to my friends and family.

Mr. P Bancil, London, 2006

The prompt service and passion to win can only be surpassed by their excellent rates.

Mr. J Hench, Berkshire 2006
So far your service has been fantastic, and you have put my mind at rest on a number of times that I have contacted you. Keep up the great work.

Mr. J Brown, Berkshire

I would just like to say that you have acted in my interests and made going through my divorce less painful at a stressful time. I found the personal touch gave me the confidence and trust which helped me enormously

Mrs. P Davies, 2006

They guided and advised me tremendously throughout my separation, from the moment I hired them to the finalisation. They were terribly professional with a vast knowledge of civil law. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone, as not only were they my rock through an awful time in my life, but they also became valued friends.

Mr. D Huskinson, Surrey, 2006
Before meeting with them I was very disillusioned with the way my divorce was going, and how I was being treated by my very expensive Solicitor. However, once I had received advice I came away feeling a lot more positive, and seeing the light at the end of the long dark tunnel - Was a step in the right direction, as far as I am concerned.

Mr. Gary H (surname witheld), Business proprietor, Surrey 2006

I am very glad I am using Nicky and have already recommended your excellent service to a number of my friends. Thank you.

Mr. A Murdoch, Spain

I have known the proprietor for several years now. I readily advise people to ring the Family Law Clinic, and in the last year they have helped a good friend of mine keep his house, when his ex-girlfriend tried to force a sale. They have also helped my client's son to have contact with his estranged two young daughters, and they are ensuring that mum abides by an existing contact order.

Nicky has helped many of my own clients. Not only do I think that they are worth recommending,I have their business cards on my desk. We now call ourselves their 'satellite office', as so many of our own clients have received good legal advice and services from them!"

Ms. A Clarke, Surrey 2006
The problem with divorce is that everyone takes advantage of both of you - solicitors, courts, barristers, surveyors, estate agents, accountants,banks, councillors etc. Divorce Zone (Family Law Clinic) was the first legal advisor I met to give me honest, direct, helpful and clear information without taking advantage, and at a price that I considered fair.

Mr. PG (name witheld), TW18, 2006

Great service. Shown a lot of empathy. Great for those that can only make evenings or weekends. Thanks.

Mrs. Terri (surname witheld), Hants